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Waldo helps you find what you need faster – datapoints, contact info, insights, and more – by making Google search more productive.

Waldo lives right alongside search.

No need to do anything special. Waldo’s right there when you need it.

X-Ray Search

Instead of being stuck with Google’s limited page previews, Waldo instantly deep scans each result and pulls out the useful parts in an easily skimmable, searchable format. Quickly get more insight without ever having to leave the page.
Finding the right data for a presentation or project can be a pain. Waldo is like a magnet that pulls out only the relevant stats or figures in one click, so you spend less time digging and more time doing.
Lenses gives you the power to bypass the noise and see higher-quality search results from a curated collection of sites. You can use these collections to do things like view results through a particular political lens or find answers from industry-specific sources.

Waldo is great for


Fact check your latest story with primary sources you trust.


Find a market size without falling down a rabbit hole of endless sources.

Web Researchers

Pull quotes from industry experts right from your search results.


Find the facts and trends you need for your deck with half the clicks.

Financial Analysts

Find datapoints and information faster than ever with our Lenses feature.


Speed up your papers and assignments with tools that help you skip to the good stuff.

And You

Whether you're looking for industry trends or top product reviews, Waldo's got you covered.
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I love Waldo for getting data. I go directly to the datapoints whenever I use Waldo. For quantitative data it's super useful and will get me to what I need faster.

Asenath K

Oh wow, I've been looking for something like this! You can't find this elsewhere and it can be such a maximizer. Especially for things like datapoints.

Hashem E

Need an extra brain?

Waldo’s on-demand research service, Wonder, gives you access to 8,000+ freelance research analysts across 13+ industry sectors who are ready to help with customized reports in as little as 24 hours.
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