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Whether you’re working on a last minute pitch or a critical due diligence, Waldo's AI research assistant has you covered with fast, reliable, data.
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Hands-Free Research

Just describe your project and Waldo will instantly do the rest: creating a research plan, executing the searches, pulling out the insights you need, and presenting it all in an editable doc you can share with your team.
Waldo cites and links to everything it finds, and comes equipped with a built-in fact checker. You can filter each search to trusted sources, and scan the text of every article to uncover hidden gems.
Waldo elevates search to a standard that professionals can rely on. All datapoints Waldo discovers can be downloaded and exported for further analysis, and Waldo’s research can be easily shared with your team.
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Waldo is amazing for efficiency on the strategy team. This will cut down on 10-15 hours of time in reports we do each week. Giving the account team the knowledge to answer simple client questions is so useful.
We get requests for insights all the time it’s great that you can make everything so customizable. You can do a POV in 10 minutes in Waldo. You blew my mind for this. No one has any free time so this is impressive.
Categorically I’ve leaned on Waldo to get smart fast on a new vertical or a new client. We’ve found awesome stuff that would have taken hours. The brief export has been awesome.

Waldo is great for



Find the facts and trends you need for your deck with half the clicks.


Find a market size without falling down a rabbit hole of endless sources.

Financial Analysts

Find datapoints and information faster than ever with our Lenses feature.


Fact check your latest story with primary sources you trust.

Web Researchers

Pull quotes from industry experts right from your search results.


Speed up your research with tools that help you focus on the most pertinent insights.
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