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Whether you’re working on a last minute pitch or a critical due diligence, Waldo's AI research assistant has you covered with fast, reliable, data.
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Just describe your project and Waldo will instantly do the rest: creating a research plan, executing the searches, pulling out the insights you need, and presenting it all in an editable doc you can share with your team.
Waldo cites and links to everything it finds, and comes equipped with a built-in fact checker. You can filter each search to trusted sources, and scan the text of every article to uncover hidden gems.
Waldo elevates search to a standard that professionals can rely on. All datapoints Waldo discovers can be downloaded and exported for further analysis, and Waldo’s research can be easily shared with your team.
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I love Waldo for getting data. I go directly to the datapoints whenever I use Waldo. For quantitative data it's super useful and will get me to what I need faster.

- Strategist

I use Waldo for almost all my research. It makes life much better, much easier, because I can read the whole page of Google results without clicking in links.

- Growth Director

Waldo is a very very useful tool. It's very helpful when trying to search for specific data points and information inside a document/article.

- Innovation Consultant

With Waldo I was able to add in the filters to narrow down the results to something much more specific. It was a game changer from that moment on.

- Consultant

Waldo has been a great addition to my research. When you're trying to find something, say in Thailand, a usual search only brings in the high level countries. Waldo is very useful for that.

- Associate Director of Strategy

Waldo saves so much time when you're doing the research. It provides a better preview of the sources and I'm able to have a glance at a longer list of sources per click compared to the conventional Google search.

- Business Designer

I like Waldo very much – it's amazing. It allows me to save a lot of time.

- Research Manager

Waldo brings out results very fast. It's enhanced my ability to scan through search results at a much faster pace.

- Partner, Head of Strategy

Waldo comes in handy especially when I'm dealing with certain kinds of requests – like when the client needs statistics. For general research, especially when you want to cross reference keywords and datapoints, it works very well.

- Innovation Strategist

I see Waldo now as my go to when I have a very specific research need. Very specific criteria, datapoint, etc where I'd have to sift through to get it. My favorite way to use Waldo is the Datapoints tool.

- Senior Strategist

Waldo is great for



Find the facts and trends you need for your deck with half the clicks.


Find a market size without falling down a rabbit hole of endless sources.

Financial Analysts

Find datapoints and information faster than ever with our Lenses feature.


Fact check your latest story with primary sources you trust.

Web Researchers

Pull quotes from industry experts right from your search results.


Speed up your research with tools that help you focus on the most pertinent insights.
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